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  • BA from the famed Dansih School of Photojournalism
  • Freelance photojournalist and multimedia producer
  • Co-founder of Bombay Flying Club
  • Born 1966 in Elsenore north of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Photojournalism, Online Journalism and Multimedia Producing

    Internet publishing is the best thing that ever happend to journalism since Gutenberg invented the press. The depth of the net, the endless possibilities of linking and the space available for the photographer, makes it a natural first choice platform for any story.

    I've been working with an emphasis on the possibilities of online publication since 2004. And this is still by far the one platform, that offers the most for the audience.

    Apart from a passion for the journalistic image, my ambition is to drive the evolution of online journalism ever forward. By shooting and producing web documentaries and by conucting workshops. At home in Denmark and anywhere abroad.

    Recent news

    Online journalism and offline challenges

    Here we go again: I'm on my way to give yet another speach at a festival - this time in fair Hamburg. The team of german multimedia afficionados from Spill The Beans got the whole day of April 1st (no jokes here) set up for discussing the future, the challenges and the possibilities of online journalism

    Hamburg Photo Trienale

    Speaking on occasions like this is like getting a free opportunity to flock your favourite horse in public. You've got a nice setting, a great projector and an attentive audience of some 200 media professionals. And afterwards the bar is free. What can be better?

    "The attention span on the internet is short - Get it right and you can do anything. Get it wrong and you're done in eight seconds flat."
    Henrik Kastenskov - multimedia producer

    "We want audio in this picture"

    I'm not the kind of guy who says no to an interesting challenge, and when the head of external communications came into the office the other day telling how wonderfull it was, that they got a TWO YEAR FUNDING for the new inhouse musician from the Ministry of Culture here in Denmark, she definitely got my attention. As it turned out Erling Hjerno got a nice grant to try to figure out what this old cotton mill actually sounds like. And he's got two years to do it - Talk about a nice grant... Anyway they wanted a very 'audio-esque' portrait of Erling and this is what it ended up whith

    Picture of the Year/Denmark

    It's crazy; Bombay Flying Club just landed the first AND second prize in the 'big' multimedia category in the danish Picture of the Year contest. 'A MAtter of Decency' got the first prize and 'Carte Postal du Paradis' got a second-. Apparently there was i huge debate about wheter a danish produced, french spoken web documentary could win (even though they had the manuscript), but in the end, they settled. As for me, I'm DAMNED proud!

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